Duffer Brothers MasterClass: Developing an Original TV Series

Duffer Brothers MasterClass
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The Duffer Brothers MasterClass “Teach Developing an Original TV Series” is now live on MasterClass.com.
Are you ready to go behind the scenes in the Upside Down and create a monster hit?
Let’s dive in!

About the Duffer Brothers

Born in Durham, North Carolina, on February 15, 1984, the Duffer brothers consist of Matt and Ross Duffer, both film and television writers, directors, and producers. After high school, the twin brothers attended Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts in Orange, California. They are the creators of Stranger Things, which has won five Emmys as well as awards from the Producers Guild of America and received four Golden Globe nominations.

About MasterClass

Since it was founded in 2014, MasterClass has become one of the most recognizable online learning platforms, with more than 10 million monthly visitors. MasterClass classes are taught by the best of the best in their industry.
We’d already taken ​the David Lynch MasterClass + the Werner Herzog MasterClass and loved the value for the money we got.

Inside the Duffer Brothers MasterClass

The Duffer Brothers Developing an Original TV Series

The Duffer Brothers reveal how they created Stranger Things and share exclusive files from the series.

The course is divided into 18 lessons with an average run time of approximately 15/20 minutes.
Here is a breakdown of the different video lessons:

1. Meet Your Instructors: The Duffer Brothers
2. How to Develop a TV Series Idea
3. Conceiving the Idea for “Stranger Things”
4. Writing Demo: How to Write a Logline
5. The Duffer Brothers’ Writing Approach
6. Expanding on the Idea
7. Character Development
8. Setting and Worldbuilding
9. Developing a Season Arc
10. Writing Your Story Outline
11. Building Your Final Outline
12. Starting Your Pilot Script
13. The Elements of a Script: Description, Action & Dialogue
14. Writing Demo: How to Write a Hook
15. Getting to the Pitch
16. The “Stranger Things” Pitch
17. You’ve Sold Your Script. Now What?
18. “Stranger Things” Season 4 Behind the Scenes

Here are the benefits you can expect by taking the Duffer Brothers MasterClass:
• Unlimited, lifetime access to every chapter in your course
• A downloadable workbook with chapter recaps, important takeaways, and exercises
• Membership to our active community of engaged students (upload your own work, or provide feedback on a peer’s!)
• Access to any answers your instructor provides to any students’ work
• Class-specific tools to help you practice your craft

Should You take the Duffer Brothers MasterClass?

According to the Duffer Brothers, this course is for:
• Anyone who dreams of telling stories for a living.
• Anyone who has 20 scripts in their drawer, none of which have sold.
• Anyone who has only written 20 pages of a script and hasn’t been able to get past the 20 pages.
• Anyone who is just staring at a blank screen and can’t write a single word.
• Movie lovers and all the fans of Stranger Things.

If you fit into one of these categories, then give the Duffer MasterClass a try.
You’ve got nothing to lose (MasterClass has a 30-day money-back guarantee) and a ton to gain.
Plus, you will have free access to all the other amazing courses available on MasterClass.


The Duffer Brothers MasterClass

The Duffer Brothers MasterClass

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