Petra Collins MasterClass: What You Need to Know

Petra Collins MasterClass “Capture Your Vision Through Photography” is now open for enrollment.
What you should expect from this photography course? What will be included?
Let’s dive in!

petra collins masterclass photography
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About Petra Collins

Born in Toronto, Ontario, on December 21, 1992, Petra Collins is now one of the most in-demand photographers in the world.
She has been featured in the MoMa, shot for Gucci, Wonderland, and Rolling Stone magazines, and directed music videos for some of the most prominent artists in the music industry.

About MasterClass

MasterClass is the streaming platform that makes it possible for anyone to watch or listen to hundreds of video lessons taught by 150+ of the world’s best. We had already taken ​the Werner Herzog MasterClass and loved the value for money we got.

Inside the Petra Collins MasterClass

Petra Collins Masterclass Film Photography

Collins’ new course is part of the Sessions by MasterClass, which is a brand new format where users receive step-by-step guidance and learn by doing. In fact, each session is built around a specific project and you will actively participate by sharing your work with an engaged community and getting feedback from trained teaching assistants.

The outcome of this class is that you will have to shoot an original photo series that captures your vision in just 30 days.

The lessons will be unlocked once a week, for four consecutive weeks, here’s the full program:

Week 1
Gearing Up for Inspiration

1. Sessions Overview
2. Meet Your Instructor
3. Compile Your Photography Starter Kit
4. Complete Petra’s Essential Checklist
5. Learn to Properly Load Film Into Your Camera
6. Expand Your Creativity

Week 2
Understanding Your Camera and Lighting Techniques

7. Understand Your Camera and Lighting Techniques: Introduction
8. Follow Along: Get Familiar With Your Camera Settings
9. Follow Along: Operate Your Camera in Natural Light
10. Follow Along: Operate Your Camera Using Source Light
11. Share Your Natural and Source Light Photos
12. Give Feedback for Peers’ Natural and Source Light Photos

Week 3
Portraits and Understanding Your Subject

13. Understand Your Subject: Introduction
14. Follow Along: Choose your Location and Lighting
15. Follow Along: Work With Your Subject to Create a Portrait
16. Follow Along: Choose a Final Portrait From Your Roll
17. Share Your Final Portrait With Your Peers
18. Explore Your Peers’ Portraits

Week 4
Creating Your Series

Learn How to Approach a Photography Series
Bring Your Vision to Life
Share Your Vision
Activity Build a World With Your Photography
Follow Along: Learn Techniques for Photographing a Series
Share Your Very Own Photo Series
Check Out Your Peers’ Series

Petra published art books exploring explores contemporary femininity, identity, and self-discovery.
Although not required for the Petra Collins MasterClass, they will benefit you greatly.
Here are some highlights of her most notable works.

Petra Collins Discharge Book

• Paperback
• 112 Pages
• Publisher: Capricious LLC

In her first photobook, Petra details the experience and presentation of identity and femininity. Through photographs that often feature intimate moments, she explores the private and public realities of growing up as a woman in the age of social media.

Petra Collins Coming of Age Book

• Hardback
• 208 Pages
• Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications

This monograph is a wonderful, photo-driven memoir containing personal essays, Polaroids, family photos,
and handwritten letters from young girls. An ode to innocence, sexuality and liberation.

Petra Collins Fairy Tales Book

• Hardback
• 176 Pages
• Contributions by Alexa Demie
• Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications

As children, Petra and Alexa Demie were both enchanted with fairy tales, which provided an escape from their own grim times.
The pair collaborated to portray this book about nine mystical creatures, accompanied by short stories about each one of them.

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Petra Collins MasterClass

Petra Collins MasterClass

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