SEVEN RED LIONS – Alone [Video Premiere + Interview]

Seven Red Lions

Step into the world of intrigue and creativity, where chance encounters spark unforgettable collaborations. Remember the Seven Red Lions from the mesmerizing music video Citizen?

Our story with them took a new turn on the set of Under The Skin where our bond deepened amidst the magic of creation. Now, after years of anticipation, we reunite for a project that promises to push boundaries and redefine artistry.

Hold onto your seats, folks, because in this exclusive interview, we’re about to peel back the layers of our latest collaboration. Get ready for a wild ride!

Seven Red Lions: Meeting The Band

Please describe Seven Red Lions for anyone who hasn’t heard you before.

Seven Red Lions is an indie rock band formed in London. With a lineup as diverse as their sound, the band brings together lead singer and guitarist David Lion from Mexico, bassist and vocalist Sara Priegue from Portugal, the drummer Omar Perez representing Venezuela, and Magnus on guitar hailing from Sweden. We love to play loud and with lots of energy.

Seven Red Lions Band Photoshoot

How did the band start?

Back in 2015, David Lion took his passion for songwriting to the next level and started a band. After jamming solo for years, he decided it was time to team up with other musicians. Just a short while later, they dropped their debut EP, ‘100 Years’. Since then, they’ve been dropping fresh tracks regularly and hitting stages worldwide.

Describe your bandmates for us, to help us get a better sense of the band. Can you tell us something unusual or surprising about each one of you?

David is from Mexico; he snores like a lion.
Sara, from Portugal, loves gardening, organise gigs and tours.
Magnus has a phobia of bananas.
Omar parties every day.

Seven Red Lions On Their Debut Album

Listening to ALONE it’s clear that there has been an incredible sonic evolution in your music. Can you talk more about this? Were there any changes in creative or technical terms of recording?

We have been learning to make demos for several years, especially the pre-production of each song. It takes patience and time for the songs to take on personality. This process was a huge help for the actual album record in the studio.

As creativity, we let the inspiration lead us and experienced different sounds and techniques for each song and that was an amazing process to shape the songs.

Let’s talk about your upcoming album, what is the concept behind it?

The album is like a big musical puzzle, where each song fits together perfectly. It’s a journey filled with different sounds, colors, and stories that all come together to take you on a ride. You’ll find yourself traveling between dreamy landscapes, unlocking mysterious doors, and experiencing a mix of emotions. It’s a trip to places where reality blurs and everything feels a bit surreal.

Each track seems to be a purposefully different tempo – was this an intentional move to showcase your range as a band?

Each song carried out its creative process in a different way. It was not intentional; it was natural, but it required a lot of patience because some songs had been going on for years, and others emerged in three days.

What are your hopes and expectations for how listeners will connect with your debut album once it’s released? What emotions or experiences do you hope to evoke through your songs?

Our expectations are positive and we believe that people will enjoy the album from start to finish. We want people to feel identified with the frequencies of our music, to feel the message that each song carries… And enjoy the good energy of the album.

The Music Video Series

What do you hope viewers will take away from the music video and the broader series?

We hope that viewers enjoy it and that the message that each song carries is clearer through the video, images, and places where the music has taken us. The video captures stunning views of London and close moments of the band playing the song. Each moment is full of excitement, pulling you into the story. It’s a video that you can feel, and even after it ends, its impact stays with you.

What role do you see music videos playing in today’s digital landscape, especially for independent artists like yourselves?

The videos have a huge role in complementing the message of each song. Adding a visualization to music allows the viewer to define the concept that you want to share.

Seven Red Lions - Music Video Shooting

What are your next goals for the future, what direction would you like to head in?

The main goal now is to promote the album and tour around the world to spread our music to as many people as possible. Hopefully, support a big band on a world tour.

We will continue making good music, experimenting, and exploring what life has reserved for us. We will definitely keep challenging ourselves to be away from our comfort zone, as we believe that’s where the best art comes from… We would love to make music for cinema, or recording with an orchestra.

Any final words or a message for your fans?

A huge thank you to all those who have supported us and believed in our project. Stay tuned for the release of our first album, and we will see you at the next gig very soon.

📸 Band photography by Jav Navarro @jav.navarro

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Seven Red Lions’ new single ALONE

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