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Blatoidea is a four-piece punk band from Sicily founded in 2008 by Manu (Vocals, Guitars) Jacko (Vocals, Bass) and Carlo (back vocals, Guitar), now based in London.

Today we are celebrating our long-time collaboration with them by sharing their discography and the best music videos we created together.

Alive EP (2011)

1. Alive (2:42)
2. Graves Nation (2:06)
3. Dehumanized (2:51)
4. Worldwide Drama (1:45)

Infected (2013)

1. Infected (2:18)
2. The Time Is Right (2:07)
3. Years Of Decay (3:14)
4. Hateburst (1:36)
5. Social Collapse (2:28)
6. Dehumanized (2:51)
7. Holy War (2:12)
8. Clean The Traces (2:29)
9. The Thin Line (3:20)
10. Alive (2:32)
11. Born And Died (2:54)

Pesticide (2015)

1. Metamorphosis (1:18)
2. See Them Burn (2:10)
3. Laughing In His Grave (2:18)
4. A New Order (2:51)
5. Down In Hell (1:30)
6. Behind A Screen (2:58)
7. Shellie (1:54)
8. Pesticide (2:40)
9. Pay The Price (2:06)
10. Whos for Greed? (2:56)
11. Rat Race (2:10)
12. Wake Up Dead (2:28)
13. Nuclear Reality (2:34)
14. Maggot (2:50)
15. Endless Night (3:16)
16. Start an Infection (3:00)


It all started in the summer of 2014 when the band was looking for filmmakers to partner with. We were introduced through mutual friends, and in a couple of weeks we recorded their very first music video for the song “DEHUMANIZED”.

Believe it or not, the whole thing was filmed in just one day. Each shot required different light settings, multiple locations, and a cast so we had to plan filming effectively. The most challenging part of both shoots was keeping to the shooting schedule.

If you like what you hear, you can support Blatoidea by visiting their bandcamp page.



Watch more of our videos.


Riccardo is an award-winning film director, writer, producer living in London, UK. He actively promotes experimental filmmaking and is creating a network for a new generation of video artists and filmmakers. Check out Riccardo's website.

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