MMXX: Our first playlist on Spotify

We are thrilled to present our first Spotify Playlist, “MMXX: Portrait of a City” which includes a selection of 11 tracks from the artists we worked with throughout the years.

MMXX features different music genres. Each artist has their own unique style and independent projects, so there are many great and different sounds.

Now, apparently, they have nothing in common, but they are all contemporaries, representatives of approximately the same generation. They also all breathe in the same movement of the city they have decided to be, visit, create, or live.

This is why we chose the name “Portrait of a City” for this playlist.

It’s a collage of different emotions, centered around the same time (MMXX means 2020 in Latin numbers) and space.

PS: Each song has a music video, so we decided to create a YouTube Playlist as well. 

MMXX: Portrait of a City

Be sure to follow us on Spotify and keep your eyes peeled for more playlists in the near future.

PPS: Want to see more videos? Check out our London Music Videos page.

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